Monday, October 3, 2011

My Political View

In the past 5 years, I have struggled with a political "label".  One that fits me 100%. I was a registered Republican, but found myself disagreeing with MANY of the things they did yet found myself defending them to liberals I knew.  It made no sense to me.  I surely was NOT a liberal.  During the McCain campaign, I struggled because I really did not want him but I knew I did not want Obama.  I had read both his books and did not like what I read.

Once Obama won the election, I started to see an amazing thing, the people on the left were applauding the same things they were slamming Bush for. And now the Bush followers were bashing Obama for the things they applauded for Bush.  This was the turning point for me.

I decided to start from the beginning.  I read books about the founding fathers.  In doing so, I stumbled on the Libertarian party.  This was a godsend to me as I "lined up" with a majority of the points.  However I still struggled with some of the Libertarian views.

As I continued to polish off books on History, I found myself enthralled with Jefferson and Madison.  I started listening to Mike Church in the morning drive and found his views and his knowledge of the Constitution  addictive.  I found myself reading authors he had on his shows:  Thomas DiLorenzo, James Woods, Hayek (not on his show obviously but discussed), as well as Henry Hazlit, Ayn Rand, Bastiat and Von Mises.

Later on, I actually sat down to listen to Ron Paul.  I found myself mesmerized by his ability to speak to the left and the right and always have the same response.  The man is a true thinker and does not tow any party line even though he is a Republican.

Between Dr. Paul, my reading, listening to Church and Wilkow (Andrew Wilkow on Sirius), my Masonic teachings, and my Faith in God, I realized that there is no 'PARTY' per say for me.  I am a CONSTITUTIONALIST.

After reading Atlas Shrugged, it put it all in perspective, although, I do NOT agree with Rand's religious or rather lack thereof,  I do find her philosophy on work ethic, government intervention, and respect for one's self to be spot on.

I love to help those in need, destitute, sick and afflicted but I do it as I feel I can and as my ability permits.  I feel everyone should fight their way through life.  Doing the very best you can clawing their way through adversity and pit falls.  When the help is "needed" it should be provided.  It should not however become a permanent revenue stream for that person.  We never encourage them to get off of the "help".

I think we should leave all these wars alone.  Come home and secure our borders once and for all.  If another Country attacks us, them we unleash the biggest baddest military this World has seen.  We do not bomb and rebuild.  We level and move on.

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