Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Liberty Defined

***** 5 Starts (Plus)

Liberty Defined is an excellent Book.  It goes through Ron Paul's vision of Freedom and Liberty. He explains how his "PERSONAL" views and feelings do not necessarily "gel" with what is constitutional.  This books gives you an excellent view into the Central Government that exist today from someone who is a stonch opponent of BIG government.  All version of it.  Big Social Governments or Big Warefare Government.

I recommend this book 100% as required reading.


Thursday, May 26, 2011

1776 by David McCullogh

***** 5 Stars

What a great book.  Loved it.  Talked about all the players in that year and was not just about the war, although DOES describe in detail (sometimes gory details) the conditions, sicknesses, and injuries sustained by some of  the players.

I recommend this book to all.

As of the writing of this post, there are 763 Reviews on Amazon of which 479 are 5 star and only 16 as 1 star.


Ron Paul

Many people have made comments about Dr. Ron Paul regarding his 2012 Presidential run for the White House.  A lot of people say he is "unelectable".  I find that appalling as if the race relied on some kind of "look" or some sort of credentials.

Look where "great orator", "smart looking" got us.  To the point that this President has received a Nobel peace prize, and since then has not only remained in two unconstitutional wars but has "declared" war on two other countries in addition. 

I understand how some people may not agree with Dr. Paul 100% of the time, but I guarantee you that 100% of his comments, votes, and actions ARE CONSTITUTIONAL.

All of the Candidates as of this post, are George Bush the third.  We cannot have another Bush or Heavens forbid....... another Obama.

It is time to show the Republican establishment that "we the people", or as I like to say "The MePle" (Andrew Wilkow),  are tired of their ways.  Tired of the spending, tired of them subverting the constitution for their own gain.

In Paul's book, he talks about lobbyist and how they are pushing for legislature.  But if we reduce the size and reach of the "Central" government, they [politicians] will have less ability to corrupt that particular sector or business.

We have become Mercantilian in our ways.  The government is picking winners and losers and is not allowing the free market to adjust itself.

Dr. Paul is a very smart person, he is seasoned (yet not corrupt) politician.  He has voted regularly against his own party affiliation and against the left.  This is commendable as most of the other cronies are bucking for a chairmanship and personal gain and vote strictly lock step with their party.

He personifies the tea party.  He predicted the implosion of Fan/Fred, the crash in 08.  He is truly what this country needs.

Atlas Shrugged By Ayn Rand

***** 5 Stars

What can I say about this book?  It is probably one of the most amazing books I have ever read in regards to the way I think.

For years I was a registered republican, and found myself at odds with where the party was going.  I knew I was not a Liberal, but I was not really a Republican (emphasis on the capital R) either.  I was not entirely sure where I stood in the political spectrum.  Once I read this book, it put it into perspective.


Book is a novel written by Ojectivist Ayn Rand.  The books was written in 1957 (I believe) it is a LONG book (~1,300 Pages) but you cannot put it down.  Book has a love twist as well as Ms Rand's own philosophy built in.  She shows through her characters how government interventionism causes nothing but loss.  Loss of work, wealth, self confidence and most of all, how it is corrupt, and its members [Government] are inept to fix it or even understand what the problem is.  The book does not call out "Republicans" or "Democrats", "Left" or "Right", "Liberals" or "Conservatives".  Nor does it mention any names of real politicians (at least during that time).  It is easy to put faces to her characters as we have so many politicians that come to mine that fit that particular situation. 

There is action, love, politics, betrayal, lust and just an overall profound wisdom of the way "things work".

There was a movie adaptation for it although as in many instances, the movie does not give the book it's justice.



Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Economics in 1 Lesson By Henry Hazlitt

**** 4 Stars

Great book.  Very easy to understand.  Mr. Hazzlit breaks it down and explains economics at a basic level.  The book IS from 1947 so a little dated, newer versions exist.  I opted for the older one because I wanted to her Mr. Hazzlits words.

The book goes through and explains the "draconian" methods the central government destroys the US economy.  It goes over:

Farm Subsides
Parity Pricing
Minimum Wage

Definitely recommend you read it.


The Communist Manifesto

* 1 Star

What I got out of this "book" was that WE should not have private property, Should not strive for anything unless it involves striving for everyone, and that we should work only to supply enough for our sustenance.  That we should give all powers to the "central government" and they will make the decision for us.

I swear, my eyes were bleeding as I read this.  What a bunch of crap!!!!

"Communism is for the people NOT the communist".... Andrew Wilkow.

I recommend that you read this only so that you will know what this group of people think.  Frankly I felt as though they were telling me I was not smart enough to make any decisions nor should I have any aspirations.

The Real Lincol by Thomas DiLorenzo

***** 5 Stars

This books tells in great detail the other side of the "Great Emancipator".  This book was extremely educational and showed me that history has a way of erasing who people really are.

The book goes into detail about how Lincoln:

1. Suspended Habeus Corpus
2. Imprisoned people who disagreed with his political views.
3. Was in fact Racist and was not interested in "freeing" slaves.
4. He want to send all slaves to Africa or Hispanola and actually did send ~400.
5. Under the orders of Lincoln, thousands of civilians we slaughtered by his 
    Generals (e.g. Sherman, Sheridan)

Also, that the Lincoln did not actually announce that the war was about freeing slaves until many months after the war started.  Lincoln is on record with his racist comments. 

The book is filled with footnotes and references pointing to actual documents proving his statements.     


Book List

First post in this blog.  I wanted to start by posting some of the books I have read this past couple of months.  I will post when I finish reading them and give you a quick review.