Monday, July 26, 2021

Rich Dad Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not! By: Robert T. Kiyosaki

 I normally do not read these kinds of books.  However this one came highly recommended.  I wish I would have read it years ago.

This was a great book.  It really has a lot to do with common sense.  It gives you information that you normally would not think of until you know it.  Once that happens, you cannot un-ring that bell. Although Kiyosaki is heavy in RealEstate and right now the Florida (where I live) market is a seller's market since the mass exodus from New York and other left run states, I want to look into how best approach it.  The message was crystal clear though regarding assets.  I found myself telling my sons the same thing his poor dad told him. 

Actions I have taken:

  • Mandated that my sons read the book and continue to read it multiple times.
  • Ordered the Cashflow 101 and 202 and will play it weekly with my kids.
  • Moved a sum of money to an investment account.
  • Opened another corporation 

I have other books on my list now that are around investing.  I am at an age where retirement is actually something I need to think about as opposed to thinking that it was decades away.  

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Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Brave New World By: Aldous Huxley

 This book has been on my "to read" list for decades. I did the audio version of this book and I will not lie, it was extremely difficult to get through it. Could have been the narrator's fault. I heard the same thing from a friend that attempted to listen to it as well. I pushed through the last chapters last night.

I finally decided on reading it when it was referenced in the "Speechless" book I recently finished. I have read 1984 multiple times and the author of "Speechless" in his book juxtaposes 1984 and A Brave New World from the societal changes and what we are seeing today.

Things that I found interesting about this book:

Delta Babies are conditioned to hate flowers and books. This ensures that they will live the rest of their lives not wanted to advance themselves and stay at the bottom rung of society doing the hard labor work. Sound Familiar?

Also, Huxley describes the over-sexualization of children where they are engaging in promiscuous sexual play. They are also taught to hate family. This too sounds very apropos.
As I write this review, Cuba is consumed in protest against that system. This has NEVER been seen in that country. Waking up and seeing things for what they are is an important step in life.

Ironically, George Orwell was a student of Huxley in Eaton. 

Publisher ‏ : ‎ Harper (May 9, 2017)
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Earned: My Journey to becoming a Hunter of Man By: Robert Terkla & Nicholas Irving

Interesting book. It's a short book, briefly discussing one man's journey from being a victim to not allowing himself to be victimized.  Against the odds, he is able to become an Army sniper.  Later tried his hand at the legendary Green Beret.  He is injured and eventually leaves the military.  His life is changed  when he is out of the military.  He begins self medicating with alcohol and it consumes him.  He later gets a life-line thrown at him from "Hector" which suggests Terkla to start making YouTube videos.  Now I will be honest, I have never seen his videos but from what I can see, Terkla seems to be ver successful at it and started a very successful company named "Googan".  I am happy for anyone that can "brat" substance abuse and turn their lives around.  That is what I love about this country, no matter how many "L's" you take, there is always a "W" down the road.  


Regarding the book, it was indeed short.  He kind of glosses over a lot which I understand, since this was not necessarily an auto-biography.  The book covers his time in sniper school for the U.S. Army.  He talks about the details that made that evolution challenging.  Not that much about "hunting man" so the title is a bit misleading.  I expected a story of someone with multiple confirmed kills talking about the mindset evolution in a Chris Kyle kind of way.  Still and interesting book.  As a person that supports multiple military charities, I wish Terkla the absolute best in his sobriety, his business and his state of mind as he battles PTSD.

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Wednesday, July 7, 2021

The Virginia Dynasty By: Lynne Cheney

Great little book.  This book covers the "need to know" of some of the most influential personas of this Country's founders.  Ironically, many were from Virginia.  I know, especially recently, that the founders get a bad rap.  Like in the book of Matthew (Matthew 7:1-2) “Do not judge other people. Then you will not be judged. 2 You will be judged in the same way you judge others. You will be measured in the same way you measure others" (NIRV) we see about judging others.  Even the wokest of the woke will be judge later in life by their actions or inactions today.  For all the bad things in these men, and there were some doozies, the good they did arguably outshine those bad ones.  

Cheney dives into each of these men's political lives.  Not a full biography of the same however there are plenty of books out there that will give you the upbringing of these remarkable men.  In full disclosure, I feel a connection to Washington more especially because he was a Freemason and one of the reasons, I myself became one.  As for the others, Maddison and TJ were my other favorites. Monroe, not so much.  He always seem to me to be like an SJW today.  Always upset and being passed over or not given all the attention.  That is no way diminishes his contribution.  But having my own presence with would be Washington, Maddison, Jefferson and then Monroe.  

The contribution from Virginia to These United States from the Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation, The Constitution and the many POTUS' it gave us, was incredible.  You will learn quite a bit from the book.  One of the things is that history does in fact repeat itself.  Much of what you saw in the last election, was something that was an issue to some degree during the founding of this country.  This is why I still have hope for this country.  

Publisher ‏ : ‎ Viking (September 22, 2020)
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Friday, July 2, 2021

Secret on the Tarmac By: Christopher Sign

 Christopher Sign, a Phoenix journalist broke the story of the Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton tarmac meeting.  Had this been any other time in history, it just would have been a meaningless elitist meeting of two people that do not care about us "normal foke".  However Lynch, the sitting Attorney General which was in charge of the investigation into Clinton's wife (Hillary Clinton) which was running for President of the United States against Donald J. Trump and was the sitting Secretary of State.  The investigation was regarding Hillary Clinton's unapproved personal email server being used for official use in her Secretary of State capacity as well as the Benghazi debacle handled by Mrs. Clinton.

The problem with this meeting was that right after the meeting on the tarmac, the AG officially killed the active investigation in Mrs. Clinton.  Now COULD this be a coincidence?  Sure it could have been but if there is one thing I have learned during this past two years is that given the opportunity, the government and the main-stream media will lie to you every time.  I think this story was in fact important.  If 2024 saw DeSantis as POTUS and Donald Trump Jr. was being investigated AND we found out the Donald Trump (45) met on a tarmac in some state and the next day, the investigation into Donald Trump Jr is mysteriously dropped, the left would lose their minds.  I mean the lost their minds for four years and still today, want to continue to go after him.  But the main-stream media and the talking heads will tell you that it was nothing, they spoke about grandkids and soccer. 

The book is OK. He should have gotten a better editor as the book is rife with grammatical errors.  I am not saying I am the best writer (as you can tell from my reviews) but this is suppose to be a professional.  The book covers the activity of the days leading up to the tarmac incident and what transpired after the story was out.  I never played high school or college football so I am not sure how those folks operate but I found it a bit annoying that he kept bringing up the hot football experience.  

The most disturbing part of this book is that just recently (2021) Mr. Sign "committed suicide" (or Arkancide).  From all reports, and all the people who knew him, he was NOT suicidal.  He even mentions it in the book.  I am not saying anything, but I find it strange that so many people that have crossed the Clintons in any way, commit suicide.  

The Obama administration was dirty, everyone knows that.  The only reason it was not publicized is because Barak Obama was the media golden boy.  The mainstream media spent eight years running puff pieces on him when they should have been critical.  The left's answer to everything is and was "I found out about this when everyone else did.... from the media".  

Its disgusting.