Sunday, September 15, 2013

Taking a break from my reading list

Good day,

Just wanted to let anyone interested know that I have taken a break from my reading list to pursue a coveted IT Certification (CCIE) which is, and will continue to consume much of my free time until January 2014.

Hopefully I will be successful in my exam.  Since each attempt at the exam is $1,500 plus travel, transportation and food not to mention time off from work, I need to really apply myself.  The exams are hands-on and the closest place to take them is RTP, North Carolina.  I am already in the hole for about 12K so it has not been an inexpensive endeavor heretofore to say the least. 

In addition to my career enhancement, I have undertaken a personal health revitalization project.  I have lost 42lbs as of this writing, and hope to lose another 30-40lbs.  I am also going to the gym regularly and tracking every morsel of food and drink I consume.  I hope to understand where my choices in meals broke down and caused me to be at 320lbs for many years.  Although I lost 100lbs, I ended up gaining half of it back and now have lost 42 of those pounds.

If you are a person that prays, please pray for me; if you are a person that believes in positive energy, then please send some my way.  Either way I appreciate it.   



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