Wednesday, March 11, 2020

12 Years A Slave By: Solomon Northup

Amazing book.  I cannot wait to watch the movie.  Sadly but necessarily, it reminds me of the abhorrent practice of slavery.  At first the book is a little slow but soon you are neck deep in the story and wishing Solomon escapes or is saved.

This is not the first time I read about the trade freedmen being sold back to the South.  Its funny to listen to those who align with the NORTH because they are from the north and they seem to think that the entire north was against slavery.  The dirty truth is that the Civil War was not fought to end slavery.  Anyone doing cursory research will agree with that statement.  The "North" was not without sin.  They did plenty including selling free black people into slavery or back to slavery if they escaped bondage.

Although the book is promoted as a true story, there has been some historians that have questions certain facts.  Although I have not read those reports, and even if 90% of this book is true, it is appalling.  Hell, even if 1% of it were true, it would be appalling.

The books is about Solomon Northup, a freeborn African-American that was born in NY but kidnapped by conmen and sold into slavery.  Northup leaves his wife and daughters and they have no idea where he went.  Northup had to hide his ability to read and write because he would have been killed.  Blacks were not allowed to learn any skills that could allow them to understand laws and such.

I read the book prior to watching the movie as is my modos operandi, so I was not aware of the story prior to reading.

Read it, then re-read it.  Great book

Hardcover: 202 pages
Publisher: Engage Books (January 1, 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1927970164
ISBN-13: 978-1927970164

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