Friday, July 2, 2021

Secret on the Tarmac By: Christopher Sign

 Christopher Sign, a Phoenix journalist broke the story of the Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton tarmac meeting.  Had this been any other time in history, it just would have been a meaningless elitist meeting of two people that do not care about us "normal foke".  However Lynch, the sitting Attorney General which was in charge of the investigation into Clinton's wife (Hillary Clinton) which was running for President of the United States against Donald J. Trump and was the sitting Secretary of State.  The investigation was regarding Hillary Clinton's unapproved personal email server being used for official use in her Secretary of State capacity as well as the Benghazi debacle handled by Mrs. Clinton.

The problem with this meeting was that right after the meeting on the tarmac, the AG officially killed the active investigation in Mrs. Clinton.  Now COULD this be a coincidence?  Sure it could have been but if there is one thing I have learned during this past two years is that given the opportunity, the government and the main-stream media will lie to you every time.  I think this story was in fact important.  If 2024 saw DeSantis as POTUS and Donald Trump Jr. was being investigated AND we found out the Donald Trump (45) met on a tarmac in some state and the next day, the investigation into Donald Trump Jr is mysteriously dropped, the left would lose their minds.  I mean the lost their minds for four years and still today, want to continue to go after him.  But the main-stream media and the talking heads will tell you that it was nothing, they spoke about grandkids and soccer. 

The book is OK. He should have gotten a better editor as the book is rife with grammatical errors.  I am not saying I am the best writer (as you can tell from my reviews) but this is suppose to be a professional.  The book covers the activity of the days leading up to the tarmac incident and what transpired after the story was out.  I never played high school or college football so I am not sure how those folks operate but I found it a bit annoying that he kept bringing up the hot football experience.  

The most disturbing part of this book is that just recently (2021) Mr. Sign "committed suicide" (or Arkancide).  From all reports, and all the people who knew him, he was NOT suicidal.  He even mentions it in the book.  I am not saying anything, but I find it strange that so many people that have crossed the Clintons in any way, commit suicide.  

The Obama administration was dirty, everyone knows that.  The only reason it was not publicized is because Barak Obama was the media golden boy.  The mainstream media spent eight years running puff pieces on him when they should have been critical.  The left's answer to everything is and was "I found out about this when everyone else did.... from the media".  

Its disgusting.

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