Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Shocking Secrets of American History

This book is full of anecdotal stories about people and events in American history.  The book contains some shocking stories; some more than others.   The stories are very short (at most 2 pages) but very interesting.  I used it as a springboard for additional subjects to add to my "to read" list.

One example is how the son of Francis Scott Key (the author of the poem which later began the Star Spangled Banner) was murdered by then Congressman Daniel Sickles for having an affair with his wife.  Congressman Sickles was the very first case where the "temporary insanity" plea was used and was successful. 

It is a great book to have in the bathroom.  Since the stories are so short, you do not get bogged down with lengthy WC visits. :-)

I recommend this book.

ISBN 10: 1567318975 / 1-56731-897-5
ISBN 13: 9781567318975
Publisher: MJF Books
Publication Date: 2006
Binding: Hardcover

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