Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ron Paul

Many people have made comments about Dr. Ron Paul regarding his 2012 Presidential run for the White House.  A lot of people say he is "unelectable".  I find that appalling as if the race relied on some kind of "look" or some sort of credentials.

Look where "great orator", "smart looking" got us.  To the point that this President has received a Nobel peace prize, and since then has not only remained in two unconstitutional wars but has "declared" war on two other countries in addition. 

I understand how some people may not agree with Dr. Paul 100% of the time, but I guarantee you that 100% of his comments, votes, and actions ARE CONSTITUTIONAL.

All of the Candidates as of this post, are George Bush the third.  We cannot have another Bush or Heavens forbid....... another Obama.

It is time to show the Republican establishment that "we the people", or as I like to say "The MePle" (Andrew Wilkow),  are tired of their ways.  Tired of the spending, tired of them subverting the constitution for their own gain.

In Paul's book, he talks about lobbyist and how they are pushing for legislature.  But if we reduce the size and reach of the "Central" government, they [politicians] will have less ability to corrupt that particular sector or business.

We have become Mercantilian in our ways.  The government is picking winners and losers and is not allowing the free market to adjust itself.

Dr. Paul is a very smart person, he is seasoned (yet not corrupt) politician.  He has voted regularly against his own party affiliation and against the left.  This is commendable as most of the other cronies are bucking for a chairmanship and personal gain and vote strictly lock step with their party.

He personifies the tea party.  He predicted the implosion of Fan/Fred, the crash in 08.  He is truly what this country needs.

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