Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Real Lincol by Thomas DiLorenzo

***** 5 Stars

This books tells in great detail the other side of the "Great Emancipator".  This book was extremely educational and showed me that history has a way of erasing who people really are.

The book goes into detail about how Lincoln:

1. Suspended Habeus Corpus
2. Imprisoned people who disagreed with his political views.
3. Was in fact Racist and was not interested in "freeing" slaves.
4. He want to send all slaves to Africa or Hispanola and actually did send ~400.
5. Under the orders of Lincoln, thousands of civilians we slaughtered by his 
    Generals (e.g. Sherman, Sheridan)

Also, that the Lincoln did not actually announce that the war was about freeing slaves until many months after the war started.  Lincoln is on record with his racist comments. 

The book is filled with footnotes and references pointing to actual documents proving his statements.

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