Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Politics of Freedom By: David Boaz

Great little book by David Boaz from the Cato Institute.  I have long been a fan of Boaz.  His views on many of today's hot topics may seem obtuse to some that continue to view things through an emotional prism.  However I have learned that if you remove emotion from the problem or question, you are left with nothing but the facts. Then you are equipped to make an "EDUCATED" decision based on fact and not emotions.

"The Politics of Freedom" is a collection of many years worth of essays by Mr. Boaz.  Boaz tackles many of the subjects that are considered taboo by many from 'Right to Life' to 'gun restriction' and everything in between.  His discussions are a lighter change from the heavy rhetorical and ideological views maintained by many hyper-partisans today.  

I am against political parties, however if I had to choose a party, it would be Libertarian although I consider myself [l]ibertarian.  Emphasis on the lowercase 'l'.  I really wish more people could read this book and other like it with an open mind, they won't though.

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