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The Most Beautiful : My Life With Prince By: Mayte Garcia

Another rocker train-wreck story.  Although I always loved Prince from way back in 1980 when he released 'Dirty Mind' there are no books written about the man.  Later I found out what a musical genius he was which made me even more interesting than before.  I must have watched Purple Rain 1,000 times.  Love that entire album.

The irony of someone that built their lives around dancing would be affected by MS is not lost.  These two people's lives were doomed from the onset.  From Prince 'Courting' Garcia at 16 years old to the loss of they son Amiir to his early death.

Mayte Garcia was a star from early on when she appeared on "That's Incredible" belly dancing while balancing s sword on her head.  She was an Army brat and while in Spain was essentially forced to attend a Prince concert.  She sent Prince a video of her dancing to his music and there began this strange courtship of Prince and this 16 year old girl.  The book talks about the horrific news of their first child Amiir which was born with Pfeiffer Syndrome Type 2. It was truly sad to hear that Prince, the man who appeared to have it all, had a son with such a strange disorder.  Amiir died 6 days later when they removed him from life support.  Mayte was not there for his death since Prince had scheduled it while Mayte was home.  After their divorce and estrangement, Prince burned everything in the nursery included Amiir's ashes.

Garcia talks about Prince's faith.  What was extremely enlightening to me was that I always held Prince as this spiritual guru of sorts that talked about the afterlife and spirituality.  I always thought of him as someone outside the main-stream religion world, turns out I was wrong.  He was eventually a Johova's Witness which do not celebrate anything and do not accept most medical life saving procedures.

Prince later courted another woman, Manuela and disconnected from Garcia.  Truly a sad story and disheartening.  Nothing changes the musical genius of this man and I am truly glad that I was able to follow him throughout his career and a lot of his music plays in the soundtrack of my life.  The story is a great story albeit sad.  The book is fairly well written although it was obvious that she held back a lot.

R.I.P. Prince, may your music live on for ever.

Paisley Park Arial View

Inside of Paisley Park

Mayte explained Prince was in a bad mood because of what he was wearing.  They were supposed to Photoshop the boots to match, but never did.

Mayte as a child belly dancer (That's Incredible)

Mayte with her adopted daughter Gia.

Prince's 7 Video

Hardcover: 304 pages
Publisher: Hachette Books (April 4, 2017)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0316468975
ISBN-13: 978-0316468978
Product Dimensions: 6.5 x 1.1 x 9.4 inches

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