Sunday, December 1, 2019

Jay Z: Made in America By: Michael Eric Dyson

Not my cup of tea. Was looking for a book on the life and success of a great musician and business man. I am a big fan of Jay Z and have been since his early work in music, clothing, liquor, and record empire. I bought this book because it was 2019 and wanted to get the most updated book. However this book turned out to be what I perceived as a politically, racially charged book I did not want to read. I did not finish it so I may have acted in haste, but I really did not feel the content. I read all kinds of books and I do not shy away from books pertaining to race and the like. It may be a good book for someone looking for a Apotheosis of Jay Z where they compare him to a god and talk about how there is a curriculum of Jay Z in universities. I wanted more about the man not the myth. Just my $0.02

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