Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Trump vs. China: Facing America's Greatest Threat By: Newt Gingrich

This book is surprisingly nonpartisan insomuch as Gingrich gives Trump credit for taking corrective steps as opposed to his predecessors. Gingrich gives a litany of sensible changes that need to be done and many not so popular changes. I read this book as a follow up to "Stealth War". Gingrich's book definitely contains more information and you will come away with a far deeper understanding of the risk of China.
This books is scary on so many levels. It has a great lite history lesson on China and gives you a detailed view into the Chinese mindset. I cannot believe that Biden said China is not a threat. China is a larger threat than Russia and all other countries combined. Climate change is ridiculous compared to China. China has not heretofore, nor does it plan to comply with any Global Warning / Climate Change treaty et al. Even at our current level, we are getting our asses handed to us, I can only imagine when we bring the "New Green Deal". We might as well commit mass suicide.

Gingrich calls out the media for purposely not informing the public about the danger of China. Hollywood and media carry water for China. Not only that but we sadly saw how the NBA capitulated to China and the very same folks who purport to support free speech and that recently have embraced the Constitution in its "traditional meaning" turned their backs on Hong Kong. I think both putrid parties are part of the problem. As I mentioned in the “Stealth War” review, Mitch McConnell, Biden, The Clinton’s and so many more are guilty.

You hear the left now saying that the Senate is a rubber stamp for the POTUS, well this is the same issue with the Dems and the media and law enforcement. If the investigators are corrupt, how can we expect the guilty to be brought to justice. How can we expect authorities holding these China enablers accountable when many of them are as, if not more corrupt than the aforementioned.
I recommend this book wholeheartedly. It should be read by anyone looking to understand what China's game plan is.

Hardcover: 416 pages
Publisher: Center Street; 1st edition (October 22, 2019)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1546085076
ISBN-13: 978-1546085072

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