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Liberal Provilege: Joe Biden and the Democrat's Defene ofthe Indefensible By: Donald Trump Jr.

This is the second book from Trump Jr. that I have read.  This book covers the Liberal Privilege we are living in today.  Say what you want about the Trumps.  I understand that he rubs people the wrong way and I can appreciate that sentiment and in some cases, he pisses me off with some of the things he says and what he does not say.  But with that said, anyone with a fraction of an ounce of integrity has to see that being a liberal gives you more privilege than a Conservative or Republican. 

Here are just a few from my observation.  If you are going to read it with a rational mindset and look at it from a perspective of "what if it was the other way" then continue, if not, you can move along. 

Biden on rape - For the longest time and still to this day, you still hear the "grab them by the pussy" line when Donald Trump was on a hot mic with Billy Bush.  Below is the quote from the transcript.

Trump: "And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything."
Bush: Whatever you want.
Trump: "Grab ’em by the pussy. You can do anything."

As you can clearly see, Trump did not say "I grabbed her by the pussy".  However Biden is accused by a credible source (or what would have been considered a credible source if it was a liberal accusing a Republican) and the #metoo movement and the very same people that were grandstanding during the Kavanagh hearings, where conveniently silent during the Biden accusations.  

And yes, I used orange on purpose for the Trump haters :-). 

Left on Russia - As we saw in the first debate (a few days ago as of this writing).  Seems that even today after the Mueller investigation is complete and the liberal army of attorneys that were on his team could not find any collusion, we still hear about Trump being a double agent, and colluding with Russia to win and fix the election.  Now we have proof that Biden's son received $3.5 Million dollars from the wife of a Russian official and that does not even make the classified adds on the newspapers and not even mentioned on the Mainstream Media.  How is this not newsworthy?  Biden's son got over $1.5 Billion from the Chinese government and lets not even mention the Ukraine debacle.  Does this not show a pattern?  I want you to be 100% honest, if you changed the name from Biden to Trump and from Hunter to Don Jr, how would you react?  You know you would be calling for their heads on a pike.  Hillary however absolutely had her campaign and the DNC pay for a foreign nation to compile fake information to be used as the basis for an investigation.  She admitted it in an email that was recently released. 

Left Knowledge - Jr. brings up Maxine Waters.  A hateful, has-been politician that is on the House Financial Services Committee yet struggles with the basics of banking and economics.  This woman,  called for violence against Trump supporters and his cabinet.  Ask yourself again, if Matt Gaetz of Florida when Obama was POTUS did the same thing to Obama supporters and his cabinet, what would you say?  He would be removed from his office.

Left on Race
The point of the book is to point out that Liberals get away with all sorts of things that conservatives could never dream of getting away with.  Biden is 100% on record on so many occasions spewing his racists rants and comments yet not only has he gotten a pass, but is the nominee on the Democratic ticket.  Biden has said "poor kids are just as smart as White kids" he has called African American youth "Super Predators". he has luted Robert Byrd, the former Grand Cyclopes of the KKK and said as Hillary did that Byrd was their mentor.  I could literally go on.  But the point is, even though he is overtly racial on some many occasions, he gets a pass.

My sisters are huge Trump supporters, when Trump won, I told them "always ask yourself "what would you say if Obama did the exact same thing?"  If you say you would not be OK, then you are probably being a partisan hack, if you would be fine, then you should be OK".  I know there are things the parties disagree on and that is fine.  However when Trump has done all he has for the Black communities and they call him a racist, he is the worse racist ever.  In the debate they again repeated the "fine people on both sides" sound bite.  What gets me is that Chris Wallace knew that left has played a surgically cut piece of the full statement. 

Fine People on Both Sides 

Trump: "Those people -- all of those people – excuse me, I’ve condemned neo-Nazis. I’ve condemned many different groups. But not all of those people were neo-Nazis, believe me. Not all of those people were white supremacists by any stretch. Those people were also there because they wanted to protest the taking down of a statue of Robert E. Lee." 

I wonder what would happen, and I do not need to wonder because we saw it, if they called all the BLM protectors, "RIOTERS".  It is unfair to categorize ALL people from a particular side with a broad brush.  I think ANTIFA (Actually we should just call them "FA" since they are the epitome of fascists).  The BLM movement has been hijacked by "FA", so would it be OK for me to lump ALL the BLM and FA as the same?  Would I be allowed to do so?     


Now we have the left calling "no joy" over the SCOTUS confirmation.  Lets be 100% honest, do you really believe that if the Senate was controlled by Democrats the last year of Obama that they would have waited for the next POTUS to pack the court with a liberal legislator from the bench?  If you say yes, then look at the impeachment.  Not only did everyone say not to go into impeachment proceedings during an election year, but since the Democrats controlled the House, they went ahead and did it anyway.  Then to boot, they wanted to have the Republicans change their rules.  Really?  Did the Democrats change the rules they threw together last minute to ensure there would be no way to effectively fight it.  


The reality is, that the battle lines have been drawn.  The next time the House is controlled by the Republicans, and there is a Democratic POTUS, they better make sure they are squeaky clean.  They will need to give up transcripts of calls, they will need to make sure they give ALL paper work as soon as the Republicans ask for them and prepare to be impeached.  Of course, we have seen the irony of the Mueller investigation investigating obstruction of justice and obstruction of Congress and no less than 31 phones of the very same "investigators" where all wiped out.  Really?  Mueller knew the first day of his investigation that the information used to even investigate POTUS was tainted and fake.  You see at the end of the day, the Ukrainian leader said he was not pressured.  That there was no QPQ.  Then you have the video of Biden specifically saying that he would hold back funds (1 Billion dollars) if the Ukraine did not fire the prosecutor.  Not only did he incriminate himself but he also incriminated Obama

Here is the link

Socialism - Unless you have lived in a REAL oppressive nation where you would have been shot, killed, and your entire family (mother, father, brothers, sisters, uncles, children) disappeared or locked up for your speech then you have no right to say anything about Socialism.  It has never worked.  Ever!!!.  The left loves to point out the Nordic countries as a Utopian Nation, however they are not Socialists.  The have an 85% tax rate for the people.  And if you want a car, it is taxed at 200%.  Now if you think you can survive on 15% of your salary, then move over there for a year and see how it goes.  School is free yes but don't think for a second that you will be able to study a great career such as "Gender Studies" you have another thing coming.  You will study what the government tells you to study.  We have the best country on the planet.  This is why millions of people fight to get here putting their lives at risk.

Indignation - Seems that what is good for the goose, is not necessarily good for the gander.  Here we have the perfect example of the new left.  No more is there open dialog.  THEY have decided that their positions the only position and therefore your views are not even to be heard.  "You will not even speak"

Here is a perfect example.  Palmer is a former NBA announcer and become even more famous to the Right when he hilariously reversed himself when faced with the very thing he was applauding.  This is the MO of the modern left.  Ted Kennedy wanted wind turbine and railed for them every chance he could, until they put some in Nantucket Sound where he lived and they wanted them to immediately remote them.  Noam Chomsky fills his mouth with complaints about trust funds and copyright however after an investigation into his assets, it was discovered that he had offshore trusts set up for his family.  Look at Gore.  He perpetrator the greatest hoax in our lifetime and pushed this narrative that we should all be dead by now.  Of course he flies around on his private jets and has motorcades for him and his entourage. Lives in a ginormous home that has been reported to burn through more carbon credits that all other homes in the area.  Leonardo De Caprio also travels the world on a private jet or yacht.  Apparently commercial is not for him. Gore's failures in predicting the end of times does not stop the class clown of AOC from telling us that somehow, she and only she during her mixology training has become not only a scientist but also a clairvoyant.  She now has gone from 12 years until the end of the world to 10 years.  At this rate, the world will end next week.  

Alyssa Milano, probably the most loathsome clown in Hollywood is constantly struggling to stay somewhat relevant.  She is a washed up Hollywood pretender (this is what they do).  She was the voice for the #MeToo movement and stated that All women should be believed regardless.  Kavannah was lambasted and attacked in front of his children in what later turned out be a sham.  All for power.  Subsequently, Tara Reade accuses Biden of actual rape.  Has corroborating witness that remember dates and details.  Has her mother calling into the Larry King show reporting about her daughter getting fired for a sexual incident from a prominent Senator.  Biden refuses to give up HR docs showing that she was let go, and the left...... of course completely silent.  Now Trump does not release a meaningless document and they want to charge him with obstruction of Congress.  Biden ..... not so much.  By not so much, I mean not at all.

Here is Milano crying for the poor women gang raped by Kavannah (yea right).

Here she is folding like a cheap suite after doing a complete 180 degree about turn.  And then ending the tweet with finality as I explained before "we are done talking about this"

this is some blow back.  However nothing came of it.  Why has the media not called her out on her OBVIOUS hypocrisy?  Yes. You got it.  It is "Liberal Privilege".  

The book was fine.  DTJr is a funny author.  He makes me laugh while reading the book.  You may not agree with the Trumps and that is fine but if the left does not hold their politicians accountable for their indiscretions and the right does the same, then the politicians on both side won't care to do the right thing. If you believe that you are fine with having a racist, rapist, mentally sick, socialist POTUS solely because you hate Trump, then you are part of the problem.  

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