Thursday, March 7, 2019

1984 By: George Orwell

I originally read 1984 almost 22 years ago. At the time I thought it was farfetched and a little off the wall.  However comparing it to today, it is a very scary scenario that is very true today.

For instance the Thought Police.  This is very much like what we have today. With the Introduction of today's "hate crime" laws, even though your ACTUAL crime is the same (e.g. murder) if your thoughts are a particular way before committing the crime, your penalties are harsher.

The "Telliscreen" is a TV like screen with monitor and microphones that watch your every move.  Fast forward to 2019, we have the cellphone. NSA monitors calls, locations, searches and have even been known to enable the microphone to listen to your surrounding even when you are not on the phone.

The wiping of history, the quote of "The Who control the past, control the future" is exactly what you are seeing today with anything associated or named after ANYONE from the "civil war" is not only removed but books such as The Adventure of Tom Sawyer are being banned a la Fahrenheit 451.

The "party" and the requirement to be In full compliance with it. The way it [the party] has become the central and focal point for the people. It has become a religion.  If one strays away from the 100% support and adherence to the party precepts, you are deemed an enemy of the party. Sadly we are seeing that today.

Newspeak is very much alive and kicking. Gone are the days when words (pronouns) like he and she are frowned upon and can cost you your job and/or life as you know it. Where a flag or a hat represent hatred to some. Words, names, and anything that does not meet the agenda of a particular party, are banned in society and is some cases removed from dictionaries.

Sadly this book is very apropos regarding how our country and its citizens are behaving today.

Hardcover: 384 pages
Publisher: Everyman's Library; First Edition edition (November 3, 1992)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0679417397
ISBN-13: 978-0679417392

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