Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Resistance (At All Costs): How Trump Haters Are Breaking America By: Kimberley Strassel

If you read the book solely for the introduction, it will be worth the time and price.  Left stated that Trump was not legitimate because he did not win the popular vote. This is a tired tale parroted over and over by the media and regurgitated by the leftists drones. The reason for the electoral college is because we are a representative republic. We are not a "democracy". In a TRUE democracy, Trump and all his supporters would be shot and killed based on the rhetoric. 51% could vote that the remaining 49% be killed. Without the EC, every election would chosen by CA, NY, and CH. All three which are bankrupts, have more crime than all other states and cities, and corruption is at an all time high in all three. Is that "fair"? Is that what "equality" looks like? Would there be a "urban privilege" then?

Obama got a bit of Fox News mileage with crazy conspiracy theories but even Fox killed them as quick as they were released. However the Trump Haters have run with insane, off the wall conspiracy theories and the mainstream media have not only given them airtime but have jumped on the crazy bandwagon. Ironically, the left always took the moral high ground calling out the right on "vitriol", "hate" and fear. However that lecture was apparently forgotten when Trump won in 2016. Fear mongering have been the order of the day since before he even stepped foot into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Presidential Pardon of Alpeio was attacked by the haters. However all other POTUS of past also had pardons that were questionable.

Obama was the most lawless POTUS and used executive orders almost exclusively after his first two years where he has the house and senate.

Many of the haters say Trump is a tyrant because he has gotten rid of laws and regulations, but tyrants don't get rid of rules. They add them.

The author paints the timeline of what transpired leading up to the FISA warrants. Anyone, regardless of party has to read this. If you are not utterly shocked, then you are part of the problem. Anyone that has followed my reviews or tweets knows that I am for each party holding their respective politicians accountable. I think if the corrupt politicians knew there were consequences to their actions, they would be hesitant to commit the crimes they do regularly.

It is painfully obvious that as the writing of this post, the current Congress has done nothing but try to reverse the results of 2016. Remember there WILL be a Democratic POTUS after Trump. The rules and laws being used against Trump today will be used against the Democratics in the future. History has shown that the Democratic Party is corrupt from the Mob days up until Obama's administration and even during Trump's administration. They will need to have a saint on their tickets else face the same wrath seen by Trump. Granted the media would "puff piece" us to death but I highly doubt others would have the ware with all to handle what Trump has during his tenure.

After reading this book, you have not choice but to admit that the Trump Haters, and the Left and The Media in general are doing everything in their power and outside of their power to reverse the 2016 election. It is painfully obvious to any racional, honest and principled person to see that the unfair treatment of this POTUS is unprecedented. I often wonder where we would be if the Left and the Right got together and supported this president. We would be even better than we are today. It is very sad. We have been bad stewards and have left this country in a worse state than we got it.

Market and Sciff demanded the un-redacted Muller report. So much so that they held in Contempt of Congress. They demanded he release Grand Jury information which is illegal (or should I say "undocumented") knowing good and well that it was impossible. However now the very same are saying they will NOT release any transcript of the testimony of the impeachment. How can the haters accept this hypocrisy? It's selective outrage. God help us all.

Amazing book. You should read this ASAP

Author Kimberley Strassel

Hardcover: 256 pages
Publisher: Twelve (October 15, 2019)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1538701774
ISBN-13: 978-1538701775

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