Thursday, November 22, 2018

Diabolical How Pope Francis Betrayed Clerical Abuse Victims Like Me -- And Why He Needs to Go By: Milo Yiannopoulos

A sad and disturbing look at Yiannopoulos' past and a harbinger of what is to come.  Yiannopoulos peels back the covers on the scandal of the Catholic Church generally, and the priesthood specifically.   Of course, Yiannopoulos make striking connections to politicians and specifically the liberals.

This book, well almost a long pamphlet, is a telling history of the Catholic Church and the systemic abuse of underage boys.  Yiannopoulos make the claim that the mainstream media gives the priests a pass in most cases because they politically align with the guilty priests.  In full disclosure, I am not Catholic but the abuse needs to be dealt with.  If it were up to me, they would be met with a death sentence as far as I am concerned.

Yiannopoulos, is as always, an acquired taste.  When you read his work or listen to him, you have to fight the urge to label him homophobic, white suprematist, and anti woman.  However he is a self-proclaimed "Jewish, fag that loved black dick". It all falls apart at that point.  If you can handle his dark humor and offensive talk (compared to today's politically correct environment), I recommend this book.

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